What do we cost?

I provide you with my knowledge, skill and experience;

Knowledge of the substantive Law;

Knowledge on how the Law applies to your matter;

Experience in options available to you to resolve your matter quickly and effectively;

Skill in working with you to choose the best approach.

Knowledge on which procedures are needed in which courts, tribunals and other forums if required.

I prefer to charge fees by An Agreed Fee:

I agree in consultation with you a scope of work that we will undertake for a set Agreed Fee.

If further work is required outside of the scope a further scope will be agreed with you for a further fee.

This gives you certainty with your legal costs and control over how much you will pay in your matter.

I endeavour to make it clear at all times what the cost consequences of all work I undertake is. I encourage all my clients to ask at any time if they are unsure or unclear as to any aspect of how I charge.