Legal services for modern business

I have worked as a Lawyer for 15 years and have founded Avery Legal to take a different approach to my practice of Law.

I recognise that today’s times, technology and mindsets allow the practice of law to evolve and change so that the approach to how I practice my profession can change for the better. The old ways are obsolete and unnecessary, so to my mind there is no need perpetuating them.

The times have enabled the Power of One.

So instead of being “Big and Established (I read old)” I am “Small and Modern”.

Instead of a large office, and lots of books (and columns, gavels and scales?) I look to impress you with my one on one service, approachability and directness.

Instead of flooding you with hard copy letters,(although if you want a letter I will send you one) I will e-mail you, scan and send you documents, and call you.

I recognise we live in the information age and that if you are reading this you have already spoken with your family and friends, searched Google, Wikipedia or other websites not only about the legal problem you have, but also about a lawyer you want to streamline, confirm or correct your recently gained knowledge with. You already have some idea about what is involved.

I recognise each person will have different primary reasons why they choose professionals, with some it is service, others cost, relationships, communication.

The benefit I can bring to you is talking with you and applying my experience and skill in guiding you through what the next best steps are.

This site covers the areas of law I practice in and if you want to discuss it with me –
send One e-mail or make One call.